Do you feel tired? That's because they don't manage

One's life is in a race against time, childhood always feel that there are a lot of time on my own to squander; when entering society, facing the daily report, plan, never endless will always have a resounding voice kept in the mind: “ where did the time go & rdquo;?
Some people, one day can not work 12 hours, or even 16 hours, do not feel their own work, so that they do not have free time to dominate, tired, always accompanied by around.
This is a busy “ when you feel busy, so ” however, the investment of time and effort to work hard, not necessarily to individuals or enterprises to create value, is almost zero effect on promoting the progress of the work, it proves that when a “ no hard, no brain busy ”.
Learn to be the master of time
To know, we are people, not machines, even machines lianzhouzhuan workload will make its condition. Therefore, the work schedule does not have to be full of rows, to give yourself time to think and rest, and then develop the overall concept of management time and long-term thinking.
Do it now (DO IT JUST NOW)
Many people are used to “ waiting for a good mood ” that is, to spend a lot of time to “ into the state of ” but do not know the state is out rather than out, the best time is to grasp.
Learn to say “ not ” plan to keep up with the change is often encountered, there are many times when they have already arranged the plan, but often some temporary changes. In this case, it is an effective way to get rid of change and entanglement in time management. However, the refusal to pay attention to the skills of their superiors, not straightforward, but to be tactful, so that the higher authorities feel that is indeed a reasonable reason to reject this new task. In most cases, there will be other arrangements to solve the problem. Learn to limit time, not only for yourself, but also for others. Don't be bored by people who have nothing important to do with them. Don't spend too much time in unnecessary places. A man can only learn to say “ not ” he will be truly free. At the same time to avoid the peak, such as to avoid the peak of travel, shopping, dining, can save a lot of time.
Time value: to avoid “ a penny wise a few hours stupid ” examples, such as the provincial two dollars and half an hour team, 20 fen for the province and the foot of the three stations and so on, are extremely uneconomical. Treatment of time, it is necessary to treat the same as the operation, always have a “ cost and value of ” concept, to pay attention to the opportunity cost of time, so that the value of time to maximize.
Active leisure: different leisure will bring different results. Positive leisure should be conducive to relax the spirit, cultivate and interpersonal communication, help to improve the efficiency; and with the development of economy and living standards, some leisure activities can relax and solve the problem of.
Be good at planning fragments of time: life has a lot of fragmentary time is not very attention, in fact, these time is short, but can make full use of to do something. For example, the waiting time can be used to think about the next step, looking through the newspaper and even learn a few words; exercise can recall the difficulties encountered will be solved and so on. Before fatigue, a short break, not only to avoid excessive fatigue caused by the time off, but also to maintain their own good “ competitive state of ” thereby improving work efficiency.
Philosophy: don't stick to problems that can't be solved. Write down the questions and let the subconscious and the time to solve them. This is a bit like playing football, left open, try the right, in short, try not to get &rdquo “. Do not carry out unnecessary arguments, not only affect the emotional and interpersonal relationships, but also a lot of time wasted, in the end you can not solve the problem.
Time management tools to help you
Planning Management: focus on planning, time management is to do list, day plan, weekly plan, monthly plan.
Make a list of the tasks you need to do each day in advance, prioritize, and confirm the completion time to highlight the priorities. Avoid forgetting, unfinished matters tomorrow.
The main contents of the to-do list: non daily work, special events, the work in the action plan, the unfinished events of yesterday.
Use the single to-do note: every day at a fixed time to develop single (a work done), just make a to-do list, to complete a work crossed one, only to do for an emergency time, the most important one, every day.
At the end of each year to make the next year's work plan; the end of the season to make the next quarter of the work plan; the end of each month to make a plan for the next month; five per week last week to make plans for next week
Considering uncertainty
In the process of time management, also need to deal with unexpected events, because the plan does not change quickly, need to leave time for the accident. There are three ways to prevent such an event: the first is to have extra time for each project. The second is to make it in the troubled and leave no room, the case is expected to complete the work. It's not impossible, in fact, people who work fast are usually more accurate than slow ones. Third is to prepare a contingency plan. Force yourself to finish the work within the stipulated time, have confidence in your own ability, you have carefully analyzed will be done, and then put them into several artistic units, this is the right quickly through the steps necessary to them.
To do a good job in the work must be good at using their own work time. Work is infinite, but time is limited. Time is the most precious wealth. No time, no matter how good the plan, the goal is high, ability is strong, but also empty. Time is so precious, but it is the most flexible, it can be fleeting, can also play the maximum effectivenessTime is the potential capital. Make full use of every available time, compress the flow of time, maximize the value of time.
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