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Company Introduction

Henan Runlu Trading Co., Ltd. - Introduction
Henan Runlu Trading Co., Ltd. is a large iron and steel enterprise with futures fixed rolling department, futures business department, spot sales department, market development department, foreign trade department, steel processing and project department, production and transportation comprehensive department, Information Purchasing Department and finance department. At the same time, the company has branches in Zhengzhou, Wugang and Xinyu, and is one of the top ten affiliated enterprises of Wugang. Wuhan, Xinyu, Xingcheng and Xianggang are well-known spot and futures suppliers. The company has registered capital of 5 million yuan and total assets of 280 million yuan, of which 150 million yuan is fixed assets. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the quality of survival, reputation for development, adhere to the "create wealth, public welfare society" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "integrity, rules, innovation, efficiency, win-win" business philosophy. Over the years, the company has maintained long-term and stable business relations with major domestic steel plants and many foreign steel enterprises. The company mainly deals with steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels, low alloy high strength steel plates, wear-resistant steel plates, corrosion-resistant steel plates, bridge steel plates, high-rise building structural steel plates, alloy structural steel plates, die steel plates and carbon. Structural steel plate, shipbuilding and oil platform steel plate, composite steel plate, high strength and high toughness steel plate, oil and gas pipeline steel plate and other fifteen varieties of series, more than 300 grades, thickness specifications of steel plate. The product has wide surface, smooth and clean, neat edge cutting, and users are located in more than 10 provinces and municipalities in China. The company has professional cutting and computer workpiece programmers, according to customer requirements, according to drawing programming after CNC cutting, perennial processing of large flanges, large cranes, power generation for users throughout the country.
Machines, boilers, steel-making furnace base, frame, archway, etc., vertical cut surface, smooth, praised by customers.
1. Specification range for steel plate: thickness 6-650mm, width 1500-4800mm, length 4000mm-18800mm, maximum single weight 30.00 tons. It can also provide larger specifications and single steel plate as required.
Types of steel plates available: carbon structural steel plate, low alloy high strength steel plate, bridge steel plate, construction steel plate, shipbuilding and offshore platform steel plate, boiler and pressure vessel steel plate, die steel plate, alloy structural steel plate, oil and gas pipeline steel plate, high strength high toughness steel plate, corrosion resistant steel plate More than 300 domestic and foreign brands such as composite steel plate and wear-resistant steel plate.
3. Steel plates for flaw detection requirements, thickness direction performance requirements of Z15-Z35, high strength and high toughness requirements, etc.
4. It can be supplied according to national standard, metallurgical standard, American standard AISI/ASME/ASTM, Japanese JIS, German standard DIN, French NF, British BS, European EN, international ISO and other standards.
Fifth, it can be used for heat treatment processes: controlled rolling, normalizing, tempering, normalizing plus tempering, tempering, etc.
Sixth, the ship's board has been certified by CCS, ABS, LR, BV, VL, RINA, NK, KR and other nine national classification societies. The quality assurance system has passed the ISO 9001-2000 standard certification. Several plate grades have passed the national inspection-free product certification.
Commonly used steel sheets are 28,000 tons in stock. At present, the company sells 10,000 tons of steel sheets per month, and 2,000 tons of steel cutting, welding and structural parts. In early 2014, the company invested 15 million yuan to build about 50,000 square meters of steel processing plant. At present, it has four HEC-G4m*14m CNC cutting machines, four HEC-G6m*14m CNC cutting machines, and one 2500 ton hydraulic machine.
KH-500 welding machine 30, shear (4 meters wide) one, according to user-specified products for various specifications, different geometric shapes of steel cutting parts processing. The range of specifications available for cutting workpieces is 2-600 m m thick, <4.6M wide, <17M long. The geometry and size specifications of the cutting workpieces are accurate. The straightness of the cutting workpiece is 0.5mm, the verticality is 3 mm per 100 m thick, the shape size is 1 mm, and the smoothness of the cutting surface is less than 100MM.
More than 100MM, accurate specifications, stable and reliable quality, can be installed and used directly according to technical dimensions, thus reducing the processing process and processing costs, using scientific computer set system and calculation quotation system, can effectively improve the finished product rate and quotation transparency of cutting parts, with the international advanced level in the 1990s. Products are exported to the United States, Britain, Norway, Japan and Pakistan and other countries and regions. In the production of various kinds of high-quality, high-tech content of medium-thick, extra-thick, extra-wide sheet profiles, with equipment, technology, production technology, quality supervision and other leading advantages. Cutting surface is smooth and smooth, cutting edge is neat, without secondary processing by users. It can be installed and used directly according to technical dimensions. It has the characteristics of high coincidence rate of positive and negative tolerances and good quality. The products are mainly used in heavy machinery and equipment, such as shipbuilding, textile machinery, machine tools, forging, power generation equipment, metallurgical machinery manufacturing and other fields. Especially in the deep processing of extra-thick plate
In business, a large number of forgings and castings are replaced, such as gearbox, rolling mill archway, bearing seat and rack steel. The processing quantity is increasing day by day, which reduces the processing process and processing cost for users. With advanced and sophisticated CNC cutting equipment and rich cutting experience, based on reasonable ex-factory price, to ensure product quality and delivery time.
Futures wide and thick steel plate products are divided into boiler and pressure vessel steel plate, nuclear power plant steel plate, low alloy high strength steel plate, quenched and tempered high strength steel plate, corrosion resistant steel plate, bridge steel plate, building structure steel plate, alloy structure steel plate, die steel plate, wear resistant steel plate, carbon structure steel plate, marine engineering equipment and marine use. Steel plate, high strength and high toughness steel plate, oil and gas pipeline, steel plate for pipe fittings, high strength steel plate with low weld crack sensitivity, composite steel plate and other 16 series, more than 300 brands, of which more than 40 varieties filled the domestic gap, more than 80 varieties successfully replaced imports, more than 30 varieties exported to the United States, Japan, Germany and so on. Developed countries and regions. Specification Range: The steel plate is 1500-4800 mm wide, 6-700 mm thick and 3000-27000 mm long. Delivery status: According to user's use requirements, according to heatDelivery under different conditions, such as rolling, normalizing, tempering, normalizing plus tempering, tempering, etc. Execution Standards: According to user's requirements, we can deliver according to the following standards: national standards, metallurgical industry standards, American ASTM, ASME standards, Japanese JIS, German DIN, British BS, European EN, international ISO standards and related standards of special board, etc. Quality level: A, B, C, D, E and thickness direction Z15, Z25, Z35. Flaw detection standards: according to China (JB4730, GB/T 2970), the United States (A435, A577, A588), Japan (JISG0801, JISG0901), Germany (SEL072), Britain (BS5996), France (NFS04-305)
Production Inspection of Inspection Standards at Home and Abroad

Detailed Information

Business Nature Personal company
Company Type Material Suppliers
Product Category Plate (SS, CS, Duplex steel, clad steel);Flange, forging
Factory Area 2000-5000 square meters
Staffs Number 51-200Person
Turnover 400-600Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification GB、ASME、JIS
Quality Management System ISO9000
Third Party Certification Organization ABS、BV、LR、SGS、CSEI
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