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Company Introduction

Main Steel Varieties and Related Brands
First: General Coil Stamping Material (Rizhao Beitai, Shagang, Anshan Iron and Steel Co.)
Stamping Material (Q235B SPHC SPHD SPHE)
II: Steel for Automotive Construction Machinery
Automobile structural high strength steel plate (automobile beam plate), BS600MC, BS700MC, BS700MCK2, BS900QC, BS960QC; Qste500TM, Qste550TM, Qste600TM, Qste700TM series, high strength steel plate for construction machinery, Q345D, Q345E, Q460C, Q460D, Q500D, Q550D, Q690CFD, Q690E, Q960D, Q960E; BWELDY900QL2, QWELDY960L; 2. BWELDY960QL4 and other engineering machinery steel series produced by Baosteel. High yield in cold forming
Steel for Construction Machinery (BS600MC/S600MC BS700MC S700MC B900FD WELTEN590RE)
High Strength Steel/Wear Resistant Plate (Q345B Q460C/Q460D Q500D Q550D NM400 A572GR55) Bw450 Baosteel Hot Rolled Sheet Wear Resistant Plate Bw500
Bulletproof steel series: FD54 FD79 FD56 FD53 bullet-proof steel FD95 bullet-proof steel AF5 bullet-proof steel 616 bullet-proof steel
B900FD, FD85, FD95, FD3, BP500, P550, BP500, 26SiMnMo (Gy5), 28CrMo (Gy4), 22SiMn2TiB (616), PRO500, 32CrNi2MoTiA (A-8), 32Mn2Si2MoA (F-3), 32Mn2SiA (F-2) NP550 bullet-proof steel NP500 NP370, NP450, NP500, NP550, NP600 Baosteel bullet-proof steel BP300 BFD 370 BP440 BP500 BP600 26SiMnMo 28Cr2Mo
Wear-resistant plate series: NM360 NM400 NM500 JFE-EH360/400/500 HARDOX400/450/500/600 XAR400 XAR500 RAEX400/450/500/600 ABRAZO400/450/500/600 BTW1 Mn13 BW450 wear-resistant plate BW300TP wear-resistant plate BW500 wear-resistant plate BW400 Baosteel wear-resistant plate
3. Stamping material for cold rolling galvanizing of automobile sheet
Cold-rolled deep blank SPCC-SD DC04 DC06 BLD BUSF BUSFD ST14 ST16
Cold rolled high strength steel B340LA B410LA B220P1 B250P1 B280VK ST37-2G ST52-3G
Auto galvanized coil (DC51D+Z DC53D+Z DC54D+Z DC56D+Z H180YD+Z)
H220YD+Z H220BD+Z 590YD+Z H340LAD+Z H410LAD+Z)
Technical Advisory Telephone: (1) (8) (0) (2) (1) (0) (0) (3) (1) (3) (2)
Business Advisory Telephone: (1) (8) (0) (1) (6) (4) (7) (2) (1) (3) (9) (1) (3) (8) (1) (7) (8) (9) (6) (3) (9)
IV: Automotive Variety Steel
Beam steel B510L/B550L automobile structural steel (QSTE340/QSTE340380/QSTE420/QSTE460/QSTE500/QSTE550TM)
Automobile hub (B330CL B380CL B500CL B550CL)
Steel for automobile excavator (B520JJ B750GJ)
Steel for automobile axle housing (SAPH310/370/400/440 and B400/440QK)
And related pickling coil sheet and cold rolled grade automobile steel.
Fifth: High Carbon Steel
Cutting tool die saw blade steel (65Mn50Mn2V 30CrMo 50CrV4 60Si2Mn)
Mechanical Carbon Steel (20/S20C 35/S35C 45/S45C 50/S50C)
High Speed Steel (w18Cr4vW6Mo5cr4v2 H55)
Alloy Plate Series: 15CrMo 12Cr1MoV 1Cr6Si2Mo 25CrMnSia 30CrMnSia 35CrMnSia
High Strength Plate Series: Q345CDE Q390CDE, Q420CDE, Q460CDE, Q550CDE, Q690CDE Q960C High Strength Plate Series: HG785D/E HG980 T700 T700L T610L BS700MC JG785DB JG670
Heat-resistant steel series: 1Cr20Ni14Si2 00Cr12ni (TCS345) 0Cr25Ni20 310S
Z-directional plate series: Q235B-Z15/Z25/Z35 Q345B-Z15/Z25/Z35/Z35 Q390B-Z15/Z25/Z35
High Construction Steel Series: Q345GJBCDE-Z15/Z25/Z35 Q390GJBCDE-Z15/Z25/Z35
Container Plate Series: Q245R Q345R 15CrMoR 09MnNiDR 12Cr1MoVR 12Cr2Mo1R 12MnNIVR
Bridge slab series: Q345QC/D/E Q390QC/D/E Q420QC/D/E
Titanium alloy series: TA1, TA2, TA3, TA7, TA8, TA9, TA10, TA18, TB5, TC4, TC1

Detailed Information

Business Nature Private
Company Type Material Suppliers
Product Category Plate (SS, CS, Duplex steel, clad steel)
Factory Area Below 2000 square meters
Staffs Number Below 50Person
Turnover 100-200Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification Others
Quality Management System Others
Third Party Certification Organization Other
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