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Product Details

Open pit blasting of fireproof flower shaped blasting piece

Price 700
Yield 9999999/年
Place of Production 上海
Product Category 其他
Delivery Time 15天

Product Detail Parameters

爆破压力0.15-10 操作压力比90%

Product Description

Classification of bursting disc:
Plate type blasting sheet: flat blasting sheet made of plastic metal or graphite, the former due to the thin wall after loading convex shape caused by tensile failure, the latter lead to shear or bending failure. For less pressure and stable pressure occasions, currently less use.
Ordinary arch type of blasting: ordinary arch blasting sheet made of single-layer plastic metal materials, the concave lateral medium, damage of blasting stretch container after overloading. Suitable for static load medium pressure or high pressure vessel.
Slotted arch type of blasting are: slotted arch type blasting sheet consists of two identical curvature arch is common type of blasting is composed of concave backward medium. A contact with the media made of corrosive medium of metal or non-metallic materials, no slot, another piece is made of metal materials, the arch part is provided with a plurality of through the slot, slot along the radial direction, both ends of holes, adjust the blasting sheet through changes in the density of hole blasting pressure. This kind of blasting piece is suitable for medium and high pressure static load and corrosive medium.
The inverted arch type of blasting: arch blasting sheet made of single sheet metal plastic, convex lateral medium, after loading caused by failure. After the turnover is in the unstable concave cutter cut or the whole piece of pop off. Because of its unstable blasting pressure insensitive to fatigue, it is suitable for pressure vessels subjected to fluctuating loads.
The company is a common type of blasting arch combination (LPZ), is the common type of blasting arch (LP), is common type of blasting with arch bracket (LPT), arch slit type of blasting (LF), arch slit with bracket type of blasting (LFT), circular flat slotted bursting disc (PF), circular plate bracket with slotted bursting disc (PFT), square flat slotted bursting disc (PFF), a square plate with bracket type slotted bursting disc (PFFT), anti arch alligator tooth blasting sheet (YE)
The characteristics of positive arch groove:
1 the structure is a single-layer diaphragm, the arch surface is engraved with the cross groove or annular groove with weakened strength, and the tensile crack is drawn from the notch when overpressure;
2 suitable for gas, liquid two medium and high blasting pressure;
3 maximum working pressure up to minimum blasting pressure of 90%;
4 blasting does not produce debris, and safety valve can be used in series;
5 no spark during blasting