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Product Details

Liquid nitrogen liquid oxygen blasting YC25 Combined Blasting

Price 300
Yield 9999999/年
Place of Production 上海
Product Category 其他
Delivery Time 3天

Product Detail Parameters

爆破压力0.15-10 操作压力比90%

Product Description

Working principle of bursting disc
According to the structure of the classification, there are three main types of blasting, namely, plate arch and counter arch. The comprehensive performance of poor plate type of blasting, mainly used in low and ultra-low pressure, especially large silo. The application of positive arch and inverted arch is more. For the traditional arch bursting sheet, its working principle is to use the tensile strength of the material to control the burst pressure. Found that the use of arch type of blasting all have the same limitations: blasting, blasting fragment will enter the discharge piping; because the central thickness of blasting sheet was intentionally weakened, easy fatigue and advance blasting; operating pressure should not exceed the minimum burst pressure blasting 65%. This has led to the emergence of anti arch type blasting film. The blasting of the compressive strength of the disc material to control the blasting pressure is compared with the traditional arch type of blasting, which has good anti fatigue performance, blasting without fragmentation and the operation pressure can reach the minimum burst pressure of more than 90% advantages. Under the subdivision, the anti arch type blasting piece includes reverse arch grooving type, inverted arch palatal tooth type and inverted arch tool type, etc..
Basic concept definition of bursting discs:
Bursting disc safety device (bursting disc + gripper): non pressure closing device composed of bursting piece and holder and other parts.
Bursting disc: a pressure sensitive element that moves rapidly due to overpressure. (protection device, it is to prevent excessive pressure from an explosion protection device for pressure relief.)
The gripper gripper's role is to provide a container with safety discharge is medium discharge pipe explosion burstingdisc surrounding firm clamping, seal tight, matching and blasting piece elements in blasting pressure calibration of the internal pressure relief, there are generally a clamp and a lower clamp, can be equipped with the sealing gasket (2 pieces).
Strengthening ring: in the combined blasting piece, and the edge of the blasting piece closely fit to enhance the edge of the role of the ring stiffness.
Back pressure difference: in the normal operation of engineering, when the blasting safety device of discharge side pressure is higher than the population side, including population side is negative (i.e. vacuum, negative pressure is the pressure) state, resulting in both sides of blasting sheet formed in the opposite direction of the pressure relief pressure difference, the pressure difference is called back pressure difference.
Back pressure bracket: a combined support for preventing accidental rupture of bursting discs due to backpressure.
Groove type of anti arch belt:
1 Structure of monolayer films, the concave arch marked with a cross weakened groove, instability after turning over the blasting sheet along the groove tear discharge;
2 suitable for gas phase medium;
3 bear the back pressure ability, no bracket can withstand full vacuum;
4 maximum working pressure up to minimum blasting pressure of 90%;
5 anti fatigue, can be used for fluctuating pressure occasions;
6 no debris after blasting, and safety valve can be used in series;
7 when there is no spark