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Paist brazed heat exchanger

Price 2500
Yield 5000/年
Place of Production 江苏扬州
Product Category 石油化工类(换热器、容器、塔器等)
Delivery Time 15天

Product Detail Parameters

500 3

Product Description

Introduction of brazing heat exchanger products:
Brazed heat exchanger has no sealing pad plate, all the copper foil for high melting temperature welded plate has a chevron bellows unique design, can make the fluid can achieve turbulence at low velocity effect, high heat transfer efficiency, its volume is usually relatively small, mainly used in high temperature and high pressure, glue the pad can not meet the conditions. It also has some shortcomings, brazing heat exchanger can not be opened, washed and can not be repaired, the price is slightly higher.
The scope of application of heat exchanger widely, is one of the new equipment for heating and cooling in the field of * * *, has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area, high heat efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, and has the ability to deal with small temperature difference. As an efficient energy-saving product, it has been widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, electricity, food, textile, paper making, shipbuilding, marine development and other industrial fields.
Advantages of brazed heat exchangers:
1) compact structure, easy to install
Sheet metal
High thermal insulation coefficient
Less fluid delay
2) less water consumption
The heat transfer efficiency of the brazed plate heat exchanger is so high that it is only equivalent to the cooling water flow rate of the shell and tube heat exchanger 1/3 under the same cooling condition.
3) light weight
20%~30% equivalent to a shell and tube heat engine only.
4) durable
Able to withstand high temperatures and high pressures
Clear up the corrosion problem
Cancelled the gasket
5) low fouling coefficient
High turbulence reduces fouling factor, thereby reducing the number of cleaning times.
Application field of brazed heat exchanger:
Refrigeration; HVAC; metallurgical industry; mechanical industry; power industry; paper industry; textile industry; food industry; grease technology; central heating; oil; ship; desalination; geothermal utilization