Intelligent Quotation System

Use traditional quotation method
Little A: Here are some more inquiries today! It's funny that we have to have a week's work tomorrow. Overtime tonight! Hey! I don't know if I can finish working overtime.
Xiao B: This inquiry form, without wall thickness, has to ask for design assistance. Many materials need to be inquired one by one, one by one, which is too time-consuming! What a nuisance!
Using Intelligent Quotation System
Xiao C: Today, we make several inquiries a day. We could have worked out the inquiries in two days a week. With so many inquiries, we are expected to exceed our target this year.
Small D: No more inquiries, I'm not afraid. Design wall thickness can be done by myself. Material price process equipment network is available. As long as several equipment parameters are input and submitted, the price will be reported. How cool it feels to be done by one person!
Wow, is it so amazing? Right, right! Using the intelligent quotation system, you can feel that the quotation is fast and labor-saving. One person can work out this feature! What are you waiting for? No need for you to go out!
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Read the Instructions for the Use of Intelligent Quotation System before using it. If individual users can't use the Intelligent Quotation System, please upgrade the enterprise users free of charge.
If you have any questions, please contact the process equipment network for online customer service. The process equipment network has all the right to explain the system.
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