Company Introduction

Nanjing Debang metal equipment engineering Limited by Share Ltd mainly engaged in non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, carbon steel and composite pressure vessels, pressure piping and components, in the designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance; chemical, pharmaceutical, energy saving, environmental protection, environmental monitoring unit and system engineering contract and complete sets of equipment design, manufacture, installation and technical services.
The company registered in the state-level development zone, Debon road Jiangning economic and Technological Development Zone No. 8, the company is a national high-tech enterprise, has three types of pressure vessel (A1/A2) design and manufacturing quality; achieved ASEM U, ASME U2, ASME S A, B manufacturing qualification certificate; pressure pipeline, through the pressure vessel with the explosion of composite steel plate "A, B" product safety registration, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, OHSAS114000, OHSAS18001. Made of civil nuclear safety, bellows expansion joint design and manufacturing license; NB/T47002-2009 "pressure vessel with explosive welding composite plate," NB/T47028-2012 "pressure vessel with nickel and nickel alloy forgings," GB16749 "pressure vessel expansion joint" national standard drafting unit (industry).
Company under the Nanjing three metal composite material Co. Ltd., mainly engaged in the exploded metal clad plates, metal bellows, nonferrous metal pressure pipes and structural parts manufacturing and sales; under the separation of division, mainly in the high efficiency tray hole miniature valve products as the core technology in distillation separation process engineering; under the environmental protection Department, mainly engaged in the implementation of fly ash conveying no pollution and emission of the pneumatic conveying system, efficient submerged jet aeration system, ceramic membrane filtration system, sludge incineration system and wastewater anaerobic treatment system equipment and engineering contract. The company covers an area of 300 mu, total construction area of 80 thousand square meters, has 5 professional production factories, are nonferrous metals and heat exchanger factory, heavy vessel pipe fittings factory, factory, factory internals and metal explosive composite material factory. Company a total of nearly a thousand employees, of which the proportion of professional and technical personnel of 38%, more than one hundred people mid-level titles.
The company has a provincial enterprise technology center, Jiangsu provincial engineering technology research center, enterprise academician workstation, and many well-known universities and research institutes jointly set up a chemical engineering laboratory, chemical laboratory of welding and heat treatment, high efficiency of mass transfer and separation test, laboratory analysis room. Have all kinds of patent certificate more than 100 items. The company in accordance with the characteristics of products and construction of professional clean workshop, equipped with automatic plasma welding machine, pipe and pipe plate automatic welding machine and CNC ultra-high pressure hydraulic expansion machine more than and 10; 6 meters *6 meters *30 meters high temperature heat treatment furnace; numerical control of 120 mm thick and 40 mm non-ferrous metal special series of machine 11 units; 5 meters, 3.5 meters series high speed CNC drilling machine, 4*12 meters CNC plasma cutting machine, 150 mm, 60 mm series of ultra high pressure waterjet universal CNC cutting machine; 10000 tons, 1600 tons of series hydraulic machine; 200 tons, 50 tons, 32 tons, driving nearly 50 Taiwan; computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, impact testing machine, desktop direct reading spectrometer etc..
The company has become Germany Bayer, Germany Wacker, France Echman, German BASF, Toyo, Honeywell, Hanwha chemical, Su Ershou, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Chinese international, China, Chinese, China Chengda Tianchen saiding, five, Donghua Hualu engineering, project engineering, Wison engineering, China Shenhua, Datang International power generation, Yantai Wanhua, Ningbo Wanhua, Guodian, Changchun yinglite chemical, Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng, Yanzhou Mining Group, Henan Shunda, Shanghai Huayi, Anhui, Henan, Jiaozuo coal wanwei Yi Changnan glass, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Shandong Dunan Supportan, Jiaxing Haihua, Xiamen Xianglu petrochemical, Honggang petrochemical, petrochemical and other domestic and foreign Helen the well-known company's suppliers.
Debon people harbor "Office of the characteristics of enterprises, the ideal of a well-known brand"; adhere to the "enterprise moral, Zhiyuan, prosperous spirit; to establish" quality first, integrity-based, customer satisfaction; technological innovation, continuous improvement, quality policy for the development of the company ";" customer demand is our pursuit "business philosophy, to build international brands

Detailed Information

Business Nature Listed Corporation
Company Type Fabricators
Product Category Petro-chemical (heat exchanger, vessel, tower etc.);Environment (flare skid, acid-manufacture equipment with waste gas, rectifying cooling tower with wa;Sea desalination (kinds of filters, single- & multi-effective evaporizer, pre-heater, ;Paper & pulping equipment (digester, Pre-boiling machine, reactor, storage tank);Products for energy projects (coal-to-liquid equipment, high temperature pre-heater, recovery unit o;Products for medicine ( reactor, mixing tank, storage tank, buffer tank, etc.)
Factory Area 20000-50000 square meters
Staffs Number 5001-7000Person
Turnover >2000Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification GB、ASME、PED、JIS
Quality Management System ISO9000、ISO19000
Third Party Certification Organization ABS、BV、SGS、Other
Contacts 刘朋
Member Registration 7Year
Date of Last Login 2017-02-11 08:28