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Company Introduction

Qingdao sinotraffic supply chain Co. Ltd. (www.sinotraffic.cn), is approved by the State Ministry of the international freight forwarding enterprises, the headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, with offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Ji'nan, Yantai City, the logistics professional staff of more than 90 people, led by the State Department of transportation certification get, "NVOCC business qualification registration certificate", become members of the NVOCC, and WCAPN (World Cargo Alliance) the members of the organization. The company specializes in Automobile Ro, bulk cargo, customs and border project logistics, container transportation service, maintain a good business relationship with the Tianjin port, Shanghai port, Lianyungang port, Qingdao, Longkou port, Yantai port, and the establishment of a comprehensive network of agents in Africa, South America, Middle East and Southeast asia. Gradually formed by sea as the core of a one-stop integrated logistics service system, also can provide a full range of port service agent and value-added service, wholeheartedly for customer goods escort!
Company qualification:
Organization members of WCAPN (World freight forwarders).
Get the State Department of transportation issued by the "non vessel operating business qualification registration certificate", become a member of the organization of NVOCC.
Service Items:
Project logistics services: planning, consulting and implementation of the overall logistics program;
Motor transport services: engineering vehicles, cars, and major types of machinery and equipment;
Bulk cargo services: major parts transportation, machinery and equipment, steel, cement, timber, steel structure, etc.;
The transportation service: frame box, open top boxes, containers, air cargo agents;
Multimodal transport agent: sea transport (especially sea transport for landlocked African countries), air transport, sea and air transport;
Vehicle CKD/SKD: Automotive CKD/SKD design, packaging, warehousing, transportation integration services;
Port value-added services: terminal spray wax, terminal refueling, stamped car clothing, accessories reinforcement, third square feet;
The value-added services: border customs clearance, import customs clearance, shipping, insurance agent, send a car to the port of destination for customs clearance certificate;
Advantage route:
Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East India and Pakistan route.
Cathay Pacific advantage:
(1) to maintain long-term stable cooperative relations in Taitung and shipping companies can achieve competitive price in the off-season, can get more space in the season.
(2) the company has a professional service team in Tianjin, Shanghai port, Lianyungang, Longkou and Yantai, can provide terminal loading goods, measurement and other one-stop service.
(3) the company has advanced electronic logistics platform and operating system and improve the implementation of logistics information resource sharing, online booking, confirmation of bill of lading, cargo tracking, online customer service.
(4) the company has a highly efficient, professional, familiar with the shipping company, customs, commodity inspection, transportation terminals, professional team, committed to providing customers the best logistics solutions design distinguished, providing personalized service, all for you to trade the icing on the cake.
Company uphold the commitment, earnest and sincere service, the pursuit of excellence "business philosophy, to create first-class China third party logistics enterprises, optimize the supply chain logistics, reduce logistics costs, logistics advantages provide all-round service to you

Detailed Information

Business Nature Private
Company Type Service Suppliers
Service List The design authorization of the exporting country and the compliance of the product exporting countr;Engineering supervision and third party inspection;Import & export declaration, inspection and insurance service;International air freight;Transportation of domestic & international bulk cargo, container and dangerous cargo;Others
Factory Area
Staffs Number 501-1000Person
Turnover 1000-2000Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification Others
Quality Management System Others
Third Party Certification Organization SGS
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