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Company Introduction

Shenzhen ring cewei Detection Technology Co Ltd (Shenzhen CTB testing technology Co., LTD, English referred to as "CTB") is mainly engaged in electronic and electrical products safety (LVD) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing and certification, heavy metals and harmful substances analysis (RoHS, REACH, halogen and azo) as well as radio communication testing and certification institute.
Center currently has a full range of Safty, EMC, R&TTE, ROHS testing laboratory. The laboratory is strictly in accordance with the EN45001 and ISO/IEC17025 international laboratory management norms to establish, and follow the "scientific, fair, accurate and efficient" service purposes. Has received numerous international certification bodies authorized, including: Rhine Germany (TUV), UL of the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canada IC, Australia CTICK, China and Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and quality inspection, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Guangzhou vigorkids etc. National Laboratory has a good cooperation. We have a group of experienced and excellent testing engineers and professional sales team, can provide a standard for you to apply for consulting, document production, product testing, factory inspection and rectification measures and obtain certification of "one-stop" service, will ensure you cost the shortest time and the most reasonable and smooth in the world market! EU CE certification, can detect the instructions are: wireless RTTE instruction, mechanical MD instructions, the protection of Korean products PPE directive, construction products CPD directive, electromagnetic compatibility EMC directive, low voltage directive LVD

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Business Nature Private
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Service List Engineering supervision and third party inspection;Professional testing service
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