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Company Introduction

Located in the economic triangle of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, xuneng filter element factory of Gu'an County, Hebei Province is located in Lincheng Filter Industrial Park of Gu'an County, Langfang city. It has all kinds of fine processing and professional production equipment. It is a professional manufacturer of filter, filter and filter element R & D and production. Set production, sales, service in one of the modern enterprises. Its products are widely used in petrochemical, power plant, metallurgy, mining, cement, electronics, tobacco, food, pharmaceutical and other industrial production fields. Main business: 1. Excavators, loaders, bulldozers, dumpers, generator sets, luxury buses and filter elements and filter assemblies of the whole series of engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, lubricating oil, fuel oil and air supply system of transportation machinery (Komatsu, calendar, Carter, Garten, Sumitomo, Shengang, BMW, Volvo, skoya, treggs, Daewoo, Hyundai, Isuzu Nissan, Cummins, Perkins, Xiamen Jinlong, Wanguo, Chutian pump, Sany pump, Mitsubishi pump, Benz pump, Yutong, Great Wall bus, Guilin Dayu, north, Hefei Hyundai, Yaxing Benz) and other engineering machinery engines, such as three filter two. Industrial dust filter professional manufacturer! Oil proof and waterproof dust filter element 3266 sand blasting filter element mixing plant dust filter element production line dust filter element plastic dust filter element Application scope: chemical production line, pharmaceutical production line, cigarette production line, glass production line, powder spraying coating line, powder blasting production line, shot blasting production line, cement production line, drilling machine dust collection box and various industrial dust filter elements, dust filter elements, dust removal and dust filter cartridges (specification: outer diameter 80-490mm, height 250-1000mm); It is made of domestic or imported 100% polyester long fiber industrial filter cloth, which is wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and has high strength; it has good air permeability, small running air resistance, and easier to clean ash by pulse back blowing or other methods; it can be repeatedly cleaned with water, reused, and extended service life; Compared with the traditional filter bag, the filtering area is increased by more than three times, and the pressure drop is reduced, and the recovery effect is improved. Brand filter element of compressed air purification equipment: (hankson) new hankson filter element series, (hankson) old hankson filter element series, British (domenickhunter) Dominic filter element series, German ultrafilter filter element series, Italian (HIROS) Hayworth filter element series, German Zander filter element, Italian BEA filter element, atlas-copco filter element company series, Sweden. Compressed air precision filter element: Fuyang Shanda filter element, Jiamei filter element, Jiameng filter element, Zhendong filter element, Kelin filter element, ultrafiltration filter element, Hanye filter element, hanyue filter element, Risheng filter element, Shanli filter element, Youcheng filter element, Tiancheng filter element, Jiajie filter element, German ultrafiltration filter element, etc. (hankson filter cartridge, DH filter cartridge in UK, HIROSS filter cartridge, German ultrafiltration filter cartridge). Main products of other companies (normal temperature type cold dryer, Jiamei cold dryer, high pressure cold dryer accessories hankson filter element precision filter element precision filter automatic drainer high efficiency oil-water separator rear cooler) The main products of Hangzhou Jiamei cold dry machine factory, compressed air filter and compressed air purification equipment factory are: cold dry machine, precision filter, sterilization filter, dust filter, precision filter element, SMC automatic drainer ad402-04, compressed air high efficiency oil removal filter, dust filter, odor removal filter, sterilization filter, high efficiency steam water separator, compression Air pipeline filter, pipeline filter, steam filter, stainless steel filter, rear cooler, air storage tank, alumina, muffler, compressed air oil-water separator, automatic drainer, various screw air compressor three filters and other compressed air purification equipment. Product dew point range: - 23 ℃ ~ - 70 ℃, processing capacity: 0.6 ~ 300m 3 / min, outlet oil content: 10ppm ~ 0.001ppm, outlet dust particle size: 3 μ m ~ 0.01 μ m screw air compressor three filtration and other purification equipment oil filter, compressor air inlet dust removal filter, oil filter, oil-gas separation filter applicable models are as follows: Ingersoll Rand Compressor, Atlas compressor, Fusheng compressor, CompAir compressor, Sullair compressor, Baoju compressor, swan compressor, Kaisa compressor, Kobe Steel compressor, Denver compressor, Aigo compressor, Hitachi compressor, Quincy Compressor Xiangyang compressor, Fuda compressor, Mitsui compressor, Tianbian compressor, Yantian compressor and other domestic and imported screw compressors. Four. Alternative filter element (the product has already replaced the imported filter element) alternative filter element series Pall filter series, HYDAC filter series, MAHLE filter series, Parker filter series, Argo filter series, fortrec filter series, Stauff filter series, Vickers filter series, eppensteiner filter series, Taisei Kogyo (Dasheng) Company filter element series intranman (indnorman) Company filter element series Mann (man) Company filter element series mp-filtri (Emerald) filter element series high, medium and low pressure filter element, oil filter element, oil filter element, Marine oil filter element, large flow return oil filter and filter element, precision filter, high temperature resistant stainless steel hydraulic oil filter element, coarse filter element, fine filter element, mesh filter element and other equipment hydraulic oil filter element..... Five. Equipment developed by the company: portable oil filter, oil filter trolley, vacuum oil filter, large flow oil return filter, pipeline filter, natural gas filter, oil-water separation filter, oil-gas separation filter, electrostatic spraying equipment, concrete mixing station bin top dust remover, ground connected powder recovery dust remover, central dust remover and other dust removal equipment....

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