Product Details

Shanghai Shenjiang gas storage card

Price 2480
Yield 100000/年
Place of Production 上海
Product Category 能源工程类(煤制油设备、高温预热器、余热回收器、冷凝罐、稳压罐、空气压力罐等)
Delivery Time 3天

Product Detail Parameters

直径800x2325 250kg

Product Description

Shanghai city Fengxian container equipment factory is a professional production and processing of joint-stock cooperative enterprises, the company is headquartered in Fengxian District City, Shanghai nanqiaozhen Shanghai Hangzhou Highway No. 2108, Shanghai City, Fengxian container factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. Fengxian Shanghai equipment container factory integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation in Fengxian Shanghai equipment container factory. Design No.: manufacturing license: lSO9001:2008 international certification. ASME and "ASME certification". The production volume to 0.01m3~100m3 a total of more than and 100 series of specifications of gas tank, the enterprises registered "Shenjiang" brand series of products of stainless steel storage tank storage tank. Vacuum tank. Heat exchanger, separator filter. Oil tank. The water vapor, tank and diaphragm pneumatic tank and other products, according to user requirements (drawings sample) to undertake the design of other kinds of non - standard products. The pressure vessel manufacturing. Products are widely used in industrial and mining. Petroleum. Chemical. Pharmaceutical. Light medicine. Textile building. Industrial boiler etc.. Convenient for users across the country, the need to enjoy a high reputation in the domestic market, and there are also sold abroad. All products of the company are covered with People's Insurance Company of China! Welcome to call us! Negotiate! Cooperation! The enterprise products with "Shenjiang card" trademark registration form; the air storage tank more than and 100 series, and all kinds of non-standard pressure vessel: abrasive barrel, reaction vessel, filter, separator, heat exchanger, muffler, cylinder, oil tank, water tank design and manufacture. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, automobile manufacturing, power generation, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries. Product marketing more than and 20 provinces, cities and around the world

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