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Jiangxi D971X electric butterfly valve | Shanghai Shuanggao valve Ji'an Association

Price 950.00
Yield 2000/年
Place of Production 上海
Product Category 其他
Delivery Time 5天

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口径 DN50-DN500

Product Description

Shanghai double high valve group product introduction:
D971X series of electric clamp soft sealing butterfly valve is based on the basic structure of the valve after the valve, by domestic or imported electric actuator, clamping soft sealing butterfly valve, bolts and nuts, gaskets, soft sealing rings, valve stem, valve plate, spring, packing and other parts. Applicable to temperature are less than 120 such as food, medicine, chemical, petroleum, electric power, textile, papermaking, water supply and drainage, gas pipes to regulate the flow and closure of the role of media. The valve can be used in the actual working conditions of the customer accessories such as "cut off accessories, adjustable accessories, gas source treatment, manual" and so on! Double high valve company will provide you with "reasonable medium, super quality" fluid control products! We have a professional service team, looking forward to cooperating with you!
The product features of the electric pair clip type soft seal butterfly valve
1, the valve adopts double eccentricity structure, which has tighter tighter sealing function, and the sealing performance is reliable.
2. The sealing auxiliary materials are paired with stainless steel and NBR and oil and rubber, and their service life is long.
3, the rubber sealing ring can be located on the valve body, and can be located on the butterfly plate. It can be used for different characteristics of the medium for the user to choose.
The frame structure of 4 and butterfly plate is adopted, which has high strength, large overflow area and small flow resistance.
5. The whole paint can effectively prevent corrosion and can be used in different media as long as the sealing material is replaced.
6, the valve has a two-way sealing function, when the installation is not controlled by the flow direction of the medium, and is not affected by the space position, it can be installed in any direction.
7, the valve structure is unique, flexible operation, labor saving, convenient.
Two. The standard of the electric to clip type soft seal butterfly valve
Design standard: GB/T2238-1989
Flange connection dimensions: GB/T9113.1-2000; GB/T9115.1-2000; JB78
Structure length: GB/T12221-1989
Stress test: GB/T13927-1992; JB/T9092-199