Product Details

Shanghai Shenjiang gas storage card

Price 3000
Yield 1亿/年
Place of Production 上海
Product Category 能源工程类(煤制油设备、高温预热器、余热回收器、冷凝罐、稳压罐、空气压力罐等)
Delivery Time 4天

Product Detail Parameters

直径800 10公斤

Product Description

The enterprise products with "Shenjiang card" trademark registration; formed more than and 100 series (vertical, horizontal, stainless steel) and gas tank, all kinds of non-standard pressure vessel: abrasive barrel, nitrogen tank and hydrogen nitrogen tank, diaphragm pressure tank, reaction vessel, filter, separator, heat exchanger, muffler, sub cylinder, oil tank, water tank, cooler, vacuum tank, a buffer tank design, manufacturing etc.. And according to user needs to sample to undertake other pressure vessels. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, automotive manufacturing, power generation, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries.
The company to "elaborate design, elaborate, meticulous service, excellence" quality policy, creating a brand, first-class product quality, first-class after-sales service, won the majority of user acceptance. And the realization of a series of gas tank sales increased by 15% per year. Favored by more and more enterprises. Such as: Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai petrochemical, Shanghai Chinese Hudong Shipyard, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Hunan Changfeng (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Nanchang cigarette factory, Wuhan Huaneng Power Generation Co. Ltd., Yangzhou new century Petrochemical Co. Ltd; such as: Khard compressor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Singapore Star Engineering Co. Ltd. and other companies have been long-term cooperation with the enterprise

Product Performance