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Enterprise Nature: Private
Operation Mode: Fabricators
Location: Zhucheng City Weifang City Shandong Province China
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Company Introduction

Company profile
Zhucheng City Zhucheng Dingli Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in a "Chinese Longcheng Shun hometown" of Shandong Province, located in the middle of Jiaodong Peninsula, convenient transportation, light industry machinery manufacturing industry developed, is Chinese joint-stock enterprise reform first pilot city, richly endowed by nature geographical and policy advantages, coupled with the company all staff's unremitting to form a set of research and development, process design, manufacturing, raw materials and finished goods inspection, customer service service in one of the perfect management system, is a set of high temperature sterilization equipment R & D, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises.
Company's existing staff of more than 160 people, senior technical and management personnel more than 30 people, covers an area of more than 50 acres, workshop area of more than 10 thousand square meters. Sales network throughout the country and overseas markets, the company has pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, self import and export rights. The main products are: automatic, semi-automatic series high temperature sterilization pot, rice cooking pot, various types of sandwich pot, as well as a variety of products such as poultry egg washing line. Can be widely used in meat products, soy products, egg products, seafood, beverage, beer, food, health care products such as the sterilization and cleaning, drying, poultry egg detection and grading. We will always be excellent products, perfect after-sales service, with the global insight to work together to improve and protect human food safety.
Business scope
It is widely used in sterilization of meat products, sterilization of egg products, sterilization of beverage industry, pharmaceutical production, deep processing of agricultural products and so on. The products sell well all over the country, and have been exported to many countries and regions, enjoy a high reputation in the same industry. The main products: various types of computer automatic double circulation hot water conditioning type sterilization pot, computer automatic water spray conditioning pulse sterilization pot, computer automatic parallel double boiler hot water circulating conditioning type sterilization pot, semi automatic double hot water type sterilization pot, single horizontal sterilization pot, hot water spray type electric steam sterilization pot dual-use, multi pot parallel sterilization pot, double door and sterilizer tilt type, fixed type, mixing type sandwich cooking pot, egg washing line equipment and other thirty series, more than and 200 specifications and types of production

Detailed Information

Business Nature Private
Company Type Fabricators
Product Category Paper & pulping equipment (digester, Pre-boiling machine, reactor, storage tank);Others
Factory Area 2000-5000 square meters
Staffs Number 51-200Person
Turnover 600-1000Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification Others
Quality Management System ISO9000
Third Party Certification Organization CSEI、Other
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