Company Introduction

Kaiyuan Chemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is Tieling Shuangbai project enterprise, is the domestic supercritical extraction equipment leader, is also the first domestic production of polysilicon reduction furnace enterprises. The company has A1A2 class pressure vessel design and manufacturing license, mainly engaged in non-standard pressure vessel design and manufacture. The main products are: carbon dioxide supercritical extraction (dyeing, drying, foaming) equipment, polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace, reactor, high pressure storage tank, heat exchanger, tower and so on

Detailed Information

Business Nature Private
Company Type Fabricators
Product Category Petro-chemical (heat exchanger, vessel, tower etc.);Environment (flare skid, acid-manufacture equipment with waste gas, rectifying cooling tower with wa;Sea desalination (kinds of filters, single- & multi-effective evaporizer, pre-heater, ;Paper & pulping equipment (digester, Pre-boiling machine, reactor, storage tank);Products for energy projects (coal-to-liquid equipment, high temperature pre-heater, recovery unit o;Products for medicine ( reactor, mixing tank, storage tank, buffer tank, etc.);Others
Factory Area 5000-10000 square meters
Staffs Number 51-200Person
Turnover 400-600Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification GB
Quality Management System ISO9000
Third Party Certification Organization CSEI
Contacts 王文仲
Member Registration 6Year
Date of Last Login 2017-05-24 12:52