Company Introduction

Jiangyin Zhongnan Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. is the industry and South Africa heavy equipment Co. Ltd. in the original Jiangnan pipe production technology and software qualification on the basis of the introduction of more advanced equipment, more professional and technical personnel, engaged in class I and II pressure vessel, all kinds of pipe fittings, flanges, pipe processing manufacturers.
Company registered capital of 255 million yuan, covers an area of 480 thousand square meters, construction area of 360 thousand square meters, credit rating AAA. By the end of 2017 the company's total assets of 2 billion 400 million yuan, the total enterprise currently has 808 employees, including 80 managers, 8 senior engineers, senior economist 3, 12 engineers, quality inspection staff of 26 people, technical staff of 270 people. Mainly in the production of carbon steel, alloy steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, copper alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum, composite materials such as various welding, socket welding, threaded elbow, three, different diameter pipe, pipe cap, flange, pipe fittings, flange extending products and power plant four pipes and pipe fittings manufacturing and processing, the annual production capacity of more than tens of thousands of tons of products, complete specifications (DN15 - DN3000), can be produced by the GB, SHJ, HGJ, HG, ANSI/ASME, JIS, DIN, BS and other standards, also can provide users with the production drawings. Products are widely used in domestic and foreign petrochemical, petroleum, chemical, textile, paper, power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, machinery, nuclear power and other industries. With import and export rights, besides domestic market, the products are also exported to Great Britain, Singapore, Switzerland, America, Japan, Korea, Austria, Germany, France, Italy and so on.
The company has an independent stainless steel cold forming processing workshop, carbon steel and alloy steel hot forming workshop, flange production and processing workshop, pipeline prefabrication workshop and pressure vessel manufacturing workshop. Production equipment, including 1500T, 500T, 350T, 200T hydraulic machine, stainless steel cold extrusion molding production line seven, the 2000T stainless steel cold extrusion molding machine three sets, "1/2 - 18" stainless steel cold extrusion bending machine 5 sets, 20 "stainless steel cold extrusion molding machine sets a bend. "1/2 - 20" hot bend forming if pushing line 4, 2 of which can be frequency stewing large radius elbow. 60 "if a large radius bending machine. Large radius cold forming pipe bending machine 2. Have air hammer forging equipment, 8T 3T, 1T a total of 13 units, and beveling machine, lathe, electric welding machine, plasma cutting machine, bending machine, shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine and other supporting equipment and mechanical testing machine, the chemical composition of spectrum analyzer detection equipment nearly sets.
The company inherits and merge all business relations between the original Jiangnan pipe industry and Zhongnan heavy industry equipment Co. Ltd., is a member company of Sinopec and Sinopec Group centralized purchasing resources market member factory, also with oil, marine, Sinochem Group and many other enterprises to maintain a long-term good relations of cooperation. Such as: Shandong Beijing Qilu Petrochemical, Yanshan petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical, Shijiazhuang refinery, Sinopec Lanzhou branch, Xinjiang Oil Management Bureau, PetroChina Dushanzi petrochemical refinery project, CNOOC, CNOOC Fu Huizhou refinery, China Shell, Fuling chemical etc.. And with many domestic and foreign engineering companies, shipyards, power plants, chemical enterprises have maintained long-term stable relations of cooperation. Such as: eight yuan, six, four, three, Sinopec Nanjing Design Institute, British Kvaerner engineering company, Toyo Project Corporation, Dechy Knibb French engineering company, Singapore Rodriguez chemical engineering company, LG company, BP company, Shell, Bayer, Secco and Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai Waigaoqiao shipyard, Shanghai shipyard, Shanghai shipyard, Shanghai shipyard, Yantai Laifoshi shipyard, Fujian Mawei shipyard, Xiamen shipyard, Yangtze River Shipyard etc..
"Everyone is responsible," road checks, "pieces of qualified, customer satisfaction" is our company has consistently followed the quality of purpose. According to the ISO9000 system, the company established a set of effective operation of the quality assurance system and a set of strict product testing methods (X ray inspection, magnetic particle testing, penetration testing, chemical analysis, physical property testing), strict management from raw materials into the factory to reinspect the goods factory all procedures, effectively ensure the quality of the products. Products by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision Inspection qualified by the Ministry of chemical industry, Sinopec Corporation, PetroChina energy one network, issued by the Ministry of electric power fittings products recommended certificate and safety pressure piping components manufacturing license and pressure vessel manufacturing license. The company also has made many third party certification center of my company's products certification: such as TUV PED, American ABS certificate of classification society, the German GL classification society, British LR classification society, Italy RINA, Norway DNV classification classification society, South Korea KR, France BV ship classification agency level and Chinese CCS classification.
Advanced production technology, first-class production and testing equipment, modern management mode, high-quality staff, professional and technical personnel of the high percentage of complete qualification certificate, perfect customer service service, making Jiangyin Zhongnan heavy Limited by Share Ltd jumped to become one of the outstanding enterprises, the largest production capacity of domestic and foreign counterparts in the industry scale and become strong, the Yangtze River Delta a dazzling pearl.
Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company, guide and negotiate business, and all the staff will provide you with the best service

Detailed Information

Business Nature Listed Corporation
Company Type Fabricators
Product Category Petro-chemical (heat exchanger, vessel, tower etc.);Sea desalination (kinds of filters, single- & multi-effective evaporizer, pre-heater, ;Paper & pulping equipment (digester, Pre-boiling machine, reactor, storage tank);Products for energy projects (coal-to-liquid equipment, high temperature pre-heater, recovery unit o;Products for medicine ( reactor, mixing tank, storage tank, buffer tank, etc.);Others
Factory Area More than 50000 square meters
Staffs Number 501-1000Person
Turnover >2000Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification GB、ASME、PED、Others
Quality Management System ISO9000、HSE
Third Party Certification Organization ABS、BV、LR、SGS、CSEI、Other
Contacts 缪德虎
Member Registration 7Year
Date of Last Login 2017-12-06 14:49