Shanghai Ametech Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd

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Enterprise Nature: Private
Operation Mode: Fabricators
Location: Jiading District Shanghai City China
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Company Introduction

Shanghai AMI Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 by Shanghai Lian Cheng (Group) Co., Ltd., and its headquarters is located in Shanghai, Jiading District. The company has achieved the design of pressure vessels, special equipment manufacturing license; through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; ISO14001 environmental management system certification; ISO18001 occupation health and safety management system certification of product quality; international standard certification, and achieved a number of patents, to obtain China famous brands, Shanghai hi tech project, Shanghai science and Technology Progress Award and many other honors.
With the steady development of enterprises for many years, today, Mei Pu has invested in China to set up 3 production bases (Shanghai, Ji'nan, Jiangsu), with a total registered capital of 130 million yuan. The company mainly produces plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger unit, shell and tube heat exchanger, volumetric heat exchanger, semi instantaneous heat exchanger and other equipment. The company is responsible for the effective utilization of energy and professional customer services in the HVAC, refrigeration, energy, power, metallurgy, food, electronics, shipping and environmental treatment markets in the Asia Pacific Region

Detailed Information

Business Nature Private
Company Type Fabricators
Product Category Petro-chemical (heat exchanger, vessel, tower etc.)
Factory Area 10000-20000 square meters
Staffs Number 201-500Person
Turnover 1000-2000Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification GB、PED、JIS
Quality Management System ISO19000
Third Party Certification Organization ABS、CSEI
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