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Company Introduction

Hegang Wugang was established in 1970 as a national defense military project. Hegang Wugang is the first production and scientific research base of wide and thick steel plate in China. It is an important domestic production base of wide and thick steel plate instead of import base. It is one of the top 500 enterprises in China. The total assets available are 13.2 billion yuan, with more than 10,000 employees. It has the comprehensive strength of annual steel production of 5 million tons, wide and thick steel plate of 3 million tons and sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan. Wugang of Hegang was built and thrived because of its own characteristics, which laid a special and important position in China's wide and heavy steel plate industry.
1. Specification range for steel plate: thickness 8-650mm, width 1500-4020mm, length 4000mm-17000mm, maximum single weight 30.00 tons. It can also provide larger steel plates as required.
Types of steel plates available: carbon structural steel plate, low alloy high strength steel plate, bridge steel plate, construction steel plate, shipbuilding and offshore platform steel plate, boiler and pressure vessel steel plate, die steel plate, alloy structural steel plate, oil and gas pipeline steel plate, high strength high toughness steel plate, corrosion resistant steel plate More than 300 domestic and foreign brands such as composite steel plate and wear-resistant steel plate.
3. Steel plates for flaw detection requirements, thickness direction performance requirements of Z15-Z35, high strength and high toughness requirements, etc.
4. It can be supplied according to national standard, metallurgical standard, American standard AISI/ASME/ASTM, Japanese JIS, German standard DIN, French NF, British BS, European EN, international ISO and other standards.
Fifth, it can be used for heat treatment processes: controlled rolling, normalizing, tempering, normalizing plus tempering, tempering, etc.
Sixth, the ship's board has been certified by nine national classification societies, such as DNV, ABC, GL, LR, BV, CCS, RINA, NK, KR, etc. The quality assurance system has passed the ISO 9001-2000 standard certification. 20g, 20R, 16MnR and 16MnDR have passed the national inspection-free product certification.
Hegang Wugang products are widely used in national major projects, major technical equipment and national defense military projects. The 110mm thick Q460E-Z35 steel plate specially developed and manufactured for the National Stadium, the main venue of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, has realized the nationalization of all the steel for Bird's Nest, and has been highly praised by all walks of life. He Gang Wugang also won the Special Contribution Award of Beijing Olympic Games. More than 120,000 tons of steel plates are supplied to the Three Gorges Project, accounting for more than 80% of the total amount of similar products. Of these, more than 40,000 tons of steel plates used in the manufacture of 24 permanent lock gates in the Three Gorges Project are all products of Hegang Wugang. The wide and thick steel plate used in the main line of West-to-East Gas Transmission has broken the monopoly supply situation of Japanese and Korean steel plants in this field and saved a lot of foreign exchange for the country. Almost all large blast furnaces constructed by domestic metallurgical enterprises adopt the blast furnace shell steel plate of Hegang Wugang. In the fields of National Aircraft Project, Beijing Capital Airport Expansion, National Grand Theatre, CCTV New Station, Shanghai Lupu Bridge, Jiangsu Runyang Yangtze River Bridge and National Strategic Petroleum Reserve Base Construction, National Defense Military Industry Project, Manned Space Business, etc., Wuyang Heavy Plate has played a key role.

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Business Nature State-owned
Company Type Material Suppliers
Product Category Plate (SS, CS, Duplex steel, clad steel)
Factory Area 20000-50000 square meters
Staffs Number 10000+Person
Turnover >2000Ten Thousand USD
Industry Qualification Certification GB、ASME、PED、JIS
Quality Management System ISO9000、ISO19000、HSE
Third Party Certification Organization ABS、BV、LR、SGS、HSB、CSEI
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