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High temperature steam water bath spraying sterilization kettle horizontal (Fig.

Price 138888
Yield 666/年
Place of Production 山东诸城
Product Category 其他
Delivery Time 15天

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水浴杀菌锅 1230 肉制品杀菌锅 1236

Product Description

Selection principle
1, mainly from the temperature control precision and the heat distribution uniformity of choice, if the product temperature requirements are very strict, especially the export products, because of the requirement of heat distribution is very uniform, so should try to choose a computer automatic sterilization pot. Computer semi automatic sterilization pot temperature control, pressure control and automatic computer the same, but the price is a fully automatic computer 1/3. General requirements can choose electric semi-automatic sterilization pot. Manual sterilization pot sterilization is difficult, temperature control and pressure control by the manual, food appearance is difficult to grasp, rose cans (bags) and broken rate is high.
2, if the product is gas packaging or product appearance requirements are more stringent, you should choose a computer full automatic or semi-automatic computer sterilization pot.
3, if the product is glass or tin, because the cooling rate and heating requirements can be controlled, so try not to choose double sterilization pot.
4, if considered from the energy conservation, can choose double sterilization pot, which is characterized on the tank is a hot water tank, the tank is under the processing tank, tank water reuse, can save a lot of steam, suitable for daily output of more than 10 tons of food production enterprises.
5, if the output is small or no boiler, you can consider the use of electric and steam sterilization pot, the principle is the steam generated by the electric heating tank, tank sterilization.
6, if the product viscosity is very high, the sterilization process products need to rotate, should choose to choose rotary sterilization pot.
Maintenance and maintenance
1, the equipment design and manufacturing standards and inspection basis followed: "steel pressure vessel (GB150-1998)" and "pressure vessel safety technology (99 Edition)" for manufacturing, testing and acceptance; welding procedure for welding according to "steel pressure vessels" (JB/ T4709-2000); according to X-ray detection the level of III (JB4730-94).
2, the user should be in accordance with the production process of sterilization conditions and the technical performance of the sterilization pot to develop safe operation procedures sterilization pot, and strictly implement. Safety operation procedures for sterilization pot shall include at least:
(1) the operating parameters and maximum working pressure of sterilization pot, the maximum working temperature.
(2) the operation methods and procedures of sterilization pot.
(3) in the operation of the production should be focused on the inspection of the project and parts, as well as the operation may occur in the abnormal phenomenon and preventive measures.
(4) maintenance methods when equipment is disabled.
3, the equipment is strictly prohibited more than design pressure, temperature operation.
4, the use of sterilization pot operator should pass the training examination, should strictly abide by the safety operation rules and post responsibility system; found abnormal phenomenon should be dealt with in a timely manner.
5, sterilization pot equipped with safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer and other accessories, to keep safe, complete, sensitive, reliable. In the use of the process should be maintained and regular check. The safety valve opening pressure is equal to the design pressure, should be sensitive and reliable, should be free to adjust. Pressure gauge, thermometer accuracy level are 1.5, tolerance is allowed to the difference is normal. No seals pressure gauge shall be used, pressure gauge failure, scale is not clear, dial rupture, pressure relief after the pointer does not return to zero, the seals damaged, should be replaced immediately. The thermometer should be periodically tested before use to check it after the annual standard thermometer, nuclear is time.
6, sterilization pot should be regularly checked, an external inspection at least once every half year, a comprehensive inspection carried out at least once every year, before inspection and inspection items are "Regulations" and the relevant regulations, inspection report for record.
7, in the use of the process should be regularly on the inclined self-locking wedge, wheel, swivel flange, pan ear sliding and rolling contact parts apply grease and oil, to ensure that the friction surface in the lubrication state.
8, the body of the sealing surface of the sealing ring if aging, defects and wear too large, should be replaced in a timely manner in order to ensure the seal to prevent leakage.
9, the equipment should be stopped, and the inner and outer surface sterilization pot lid clean. The exposed surface is painted with antirust paint, and the safety inspection and control instrument is sealed