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Double layer non boiler high temperature sterilization

Price 38000
Yield 666/年
Place of Production 山东诸城
Product Category 其他
Delivery Time 15天

Product Detail Parameters

小型杀菌锅 0715 半自动电汽两用杀菌锅 0815

Product Description

There are three kinds of points:
1, single pot sterilization pot
Stainless steel sterilization pot
2, double layer sterilization pot
3, Double pot parallel sterilization pot 4, vertical sterilization pot
5, electric steam sterilization pot
6, rotary sterilization pot
There are three kinds of material from the pot body:
1, all stainless steel
2, semi steel
3, carbon steel
Operation instructions
General canned food factory can be used for boiling water heating sterilization treatment are used in the form of horizontal sterilization pot, the introduction of compressed air can be achieved by the pressure sterilization. Such as the cooling water in the pot, the pot must use the water pump into the top of the tube (or the water circulation system).
When sterilization, due to heating canned temperature, inner pressure will exceed the tank pressure (in pot). Therefore, in order to avoid sterilization of glass containers and jump to cover pressure, protruding tin surface at both ends, must exert anti pressure, especially for higher temperature sterilization of canned meat more so.
The use of anti pressure sterilization, is to use compressed air to pass into the pot to increase the pressure, prevent the canned tank and jump convex cover, its operating conditions are as follows: the compressed air is a poor conductor of heat, steam condition itself has a certain pressure. Therefore, in the process of heating sterilization, do not put it in the compressed air, and is only in the sterilization temperature after heat preservation, to open the compressed air into the pot, the pot is increased by 0.5 to 0.8 ATM. After sterilization, cooling and cooling, stop the supply of steam, cooling water into the water pipe. Because of the temperature drop, steam condensation, and the internal force is reduced by the pot of compressed air pressure compensation.
In the sterilization process, we should pay attention to the initial exhaust, and then steam, so that the flow of steam. May every 15-20 minutes discharge time, promote heat exchange. In short, we must meet the requirements of sterilization conditions, according to a certain procedure, the level of sterilization temperature, the size of sterilization pressure, the length of sterilization time and operation methods can be made by the sterilization process of canned products