The second story of purchaser-- China has a large number of manufacturers, how should I choose?
At the Monday meeting, the company gave final confirmation of "American design, made in China". Steven immediately started preparatory work related China purchase. Steven contacted some of the people who met on the purchasing manager Party, who had previously participated. They have Chinese purchasing experience, Steven understands that there are a large number of manufacturers in China, and the technology and quality are uneven, so it is very difficult to find good manufacturers, One of them joked: "you can find a good manufacturer in China, the project will be half done."

The question is how to find good manufacturers in so many companies? Steven first tried to find Chinese companies with ASME certificates on the NB network, and the network is only associated with a certificate information. Steven was still thinking whether there are other better ways, Suddenly he realized that there is process equipment network.

Open“Filter Manufacturer" on the process equipment network, It has been registered nearly 1000 manufacturers, but after searching through the input conditions, Steven narrows the range to more than 20 . In this more than 20 registration information browsing, selected five of them as potential partners. Steven thought he had to work overtime this weekend, but he didn't expect that half a day could make such progress. Steven was in a good mood and was humming along the way home.

On Monday, Steven wanted to report to the general manager Paul about last weekend's progress, But then I thought, if there is any way to this five credit and price level to do some basic research? Steven once again log in process equipment network, but did not find this information, After he tried to contact the platform service and submitted the problem, the platform service officer responded quickly: The platform makes a reputation audit for the registered enterprise, and the price level of the specific enterprise can input the product parameter you need into the intelligent quotation system, and then you can get the evaluation of each manufacturer.

Steven input parameters of the typical product into quotation system and selected the five companies which selected before, qickly got estimated data of the five manufacturers. The experience was so good that Steven decided to choose another five to make an estimate, in conjunction with estimates by ten vendors, Steven finally got a list of primaries after considering price levels. make Steven amazing is even choose the American local manufacturers, to complete this work without a week is impossible, and now it only takes about one day to finish.