Ethylene Expansion in China is about to erupt and Ethane Import in the United States is changing 光头强 2019-09-18

Market analysts predict that a huge wave of ethylene expansion in China is about to erupt. However, due to trade frictions between China and the United States, the supply of ethane in the United State..


Teach you how to get the latest equipment price Process Equipment Network 2019-09-18

 How to get the latest equipment price?      Equipment price information has a great impact on project work, but because prices are almost constantly changing, fast and accura..


Upgrade your account for more functions and benefits Process Equipment Network 2019-09-18

      Participating users only need to be upgraded to enterprise users And improve the company information upload business license Enjoy exclusive enterprise function service ..


Intelligent quotation system, quote quickly, save labor, take more projects, and start early. Process Equipment Network 2019-09-18

Using traditional quotation method Little A: today, there are several more enquiry sheets. A week's work must be done tomorrow. It's funny. Working overtime tonight! Oh! I don't know if I ..


Chemicals along the Yangtze River are counting down to "customs reform and transfer"! There are 81 in Jingzhou.. 一路向东 2018-11-23

In July this year, Xiangyang City held the special campaigns of “ Ten Major Campaigns for the Protection of the Yangtze River: rdquo; Initiation and Deployment Conference to Launch the Chemical ..