Jihua: A Pioneer in the Reform of State-owned Enterprises
The predecessor of Jilin Chemical Industry Company was Jilin Chemical Industry Company, which started construction in 1954. It was the first large chemical industry base built during the period of the First Five-Year Plan and the First Five-Year Plan. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, in the process of emancipating the mind, deepening reform, transforming and upgrading, and innovating and developing, Jihua has created a nationwide-renowned 6550 It has made outstanding contributions to the development of national economy.
It is precisely because Jihua is outstanding in the construction of spiritual civilization, after the reform and opening up, a vigorous action of learning Jihua and comparing learning to catch up with others has been launched in the national chemical industry.
In April 1987, the Jilin Provincial Committee and the provincial government fully deployed the activities of Xuejihua. In 1989, after Gu Xiulian took the lead of the Minister of Xinyuan Chemical Industry, the first initiative was to hold a national conference on the experience of further learning Jilin Chemical Industry System. For this purpose, the former Ministry of Chemical Industry set up a leading group on learning Jilin Chemical Industry and put forward five experiences and four spirits. On May 8, 1990, People's Daily published a commentator's article "Looking at Socialism from Jihua" on its front page. After that, it published six series reports in succession, introducing the experience of Jihua comprehensively and systematically. From October 1989 to April 1991, the former Ministry of Chemical Industry formed the Jihua Personnel Trace Report Mission and made a tour report to 26 provinces throughout the country, which spread the spirit and style of Jihua throughout the country. The spirit and experience of Jilin Chemical Industry have played an exemplary role in promoting the reform and development of the national chemical industry, and become a valuable spiritual wealth of the entire chemical industry. Today, it still retains fresh and vigorous vitality. As He Guoqiang, then the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Central Discipline Commission, pointed out during his visit to Jilin in 2012, under the conditions of developing the socialist market economy and opening up to the outside world, the fine traditions of the Constitution, Daqing Spirit and Jihua Experience of Anshan Iron and Steel Company are not outdated, but should continue to carry forward and flourish.
Besides the guidance of spiritual culture, it is also remarkable that Jihua continues to deepen reform and promote the exploration of leapfrog development. After the reform and opening up, Jihua has become an important position in the reform of state-owned enterprises, witnessing its participation in almost all stages of the reform process of state-owned enterprises. In 1990, the state approved the formation of Jilin Petrochemical Group; in 1998, Jilin Petrochemical Group as a whole; in 1999, seven enterprises in Jilin Petrochemical System were incorporated into PetroChina Joint Stock Company to form Jilin Petrochemical Branch; in 2000, the Jilin Petrochemical Group Company of PetroChina and the Jilin Petrochemical Branch of PetroChina were officially separated. So far, Jihua has formed a three-dividing structure as a whole, namely, Jihua Group, Jilin Petrochemical Branch and Jihua Joint Stock Company. In 2007, Jihua Group and Jihua Joint Stock Company reorganized and integrated into PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company, becoming the master of Laoji Petrochemical Company. Jihua has always been at the forefront of the development and reform of state-owned enterprises, and has become an unshakable banner of the petroleum and petrochemical front of China.
Over the past 40 years, the majority of cadres and workers in Jihua have made great efforts to carry out structural adjustment, technological transformation and intensive management, focusing on Ideological and ideological innovation, system and mechanism innovation, enterprise management innovation and technological innovation, and to push forward reform on many main lines, thus realizing the transformation of the rebirth of state-owned enterprises.
First, reform the management system and operating mechanism to stimulate internal vitality. Jihua has centralized, unified and standardized management of all ten major business links, such as marketing and finance. It has set up management institutions scientifically and rationally, greatly reduced the intermediate management levels, and realized the integration of flattening and traditional management institutions. The company has also deepened the reform of the salary distribution mechanism to promote the first-line movement of second and third-line personnel; explored the market-oriented operation mechanism of non-main business, implemented the pilot reform of expanding business autonomy, and steadily promoted the ldquo; three suppliers and one industry rdquo; separated transfer and socialized reform of general hospitals, which has continuously strengthened the endogenous power of enterprise development.
Second, we should do a good job of adding and subtracting from structural adjustment so as to continuously enhance market competitiveness. More than 100 sets of backward devices with high energy consumption, heavy pollution and potential safety and environmental hazards have been phased out and shut down successively. The product categories have been reduced from 1150 to 115, Realizing Lean and lean body and focusing on the main industry. At the same time, unremitting efforts have been made to build the largest synthetic rubber production base in China, the largest acrylonitrile and ABS production base in PetroChina, and strive to build a large-scale integrated refining and chemical production base with distinctive characteristics.
Third, we should improve quality, increase efficiency and develop steadily, and become the forerunner of revitalizing Northeast China's economy in the new era. Since 2014, in the face of complex and changeable market environment, Jilin Chemical Company has firmly established & ldquo; stressing safety and efficiency; strengthening field management and smooth operation to achieve large and stable benefits; promoting scientific and technological innovation, optimizing resources and product structure, continuously promoting quality upgrading of gasoline and diesel, and realizing full-load operation of key units such as ethylene and ABS. A series of high and low density polyethylene, acrylonitrile, methyl ester and other products with strong creativity have been formed, which occupy a dominant position in the market; the construction of & ldquo; the Fourth Congress & rdquo; closed-loop working mechanism, market-oriented, benefit-oriented, balanced production, supply and marketing, and integrated production, marketing and research for five consecutive years, make ABS one of the most profitable chemical products in China's petroleum industry. 。
After five years of open-source, cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing, in 2016, Jihua realized turning losses into profits. In 2017, refining and petrochemical benefits achieved the best historical achievement of 5.08 billion yuan, and the old state-owned enterprises glowed with new vitality.
Sun Shuzhen, general manager of Jihua, pointed out that looking forward to the future, Jihua will rely on deepening reform and opening up, striving to achieve major transformation and upgrading of high-quality development, and strive to build a large-scale integrated refining and chemical production base with distinct Chinese characteristics.